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Top ways to promote your fitness business

Marketing the gym business is an ongoing process and requires strategical input. Without this the business can not survive. Here are few cost effective and free ways to manage the marketing activities of the fitness business and strengthen the network:

Flyer campaigns every 3 months

Although this seems like such a simple concept, do not under estimate the drawing power of flyers. People are usually drawn by flyers. People have something to touch and carry with them as reminders. Make sure that your flyer design is attractive and contains factual details. Don’t forget to offer an incentive that has a deadline.

Get involved in your community

Targeting the local events or any fitness charade proves to be quite beneficial for the fitness business.

People love freebies

Offer free personal training, nutritional counselling, or smoothies. Offer whatever you can to get them interested in your business. People love the owners who seem to be genuinely interested in the business of health and just on money making.

Submit press releases

Approach your local newspapers and magazine companies. You can generally do this by going online to their websites. Most will have a “submit press release” link or a “new tip” link. At the very least, you can still contact them via email and attach your written press release. Also consider online PRs. They have become  a better option today as they target your audience.

Social Media

Today social media has become one of the most powerful tool when it comes at marketing the fitness business. Using internet can reap many benefits. Apart from engaging the customers it also goes a long way in attracting the right eye balls.

Last but not the least keep a stack of business cards always with you.


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