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Stress can be harmful for your weight loss plan

Do you often wish for few more hours of sleep and little less of stress? Well the best part is that it is also helpful in reducing the extra kilos you have been planning to shed lately.

People belonging to all age groups want to maintain a healthy weight and to have a fabulous looking body. Many health enthusiasts think that the best way to lose weight is to join a gym and work out for hours. But the studies have been indicating that the chronic stress can be a major deterrent in your weight loss journey. Chronic stress may increase levels of stress hormones such as cortisol in your body. This can cause increased hunger and result in weight gain. If you’re looking to lose weight, you should review possible ways to decrease or better handle excessive stress in your life. Although this often demands substantial changes, even altering small things – such as posture – may immediately affect your stress hormone levels, and perhaps your weight.

The best way to get enough sleep and combat s…

Skip Dairy Products and Nuts to make your weight loss plan work

Do you want to eat as much as you like and still lose weight? Well the good news is that it is possible. The mechanism tends to juts work fine with a low-carbohydrate diet, as appetite regulation happens effortlessly.

Losing weight—and keeping the pounds off—isn't a quick or easy process, but a few simple diet tricks can be a big help along the way. Our favourites? Eating lots of protein, fibre, and healthy carbs, which boost your metabolism and keep you feeling full all day long. Although there are certain products which when eaten in large quantities can pose a threat to your weight loss regime. So if you are finding it difficult to lose weight while sticking to your diet plan, consider eliminating or lessening the intake of Dairy products.

Dairy products are known to contain varying amounts of lactose (the milk sugar), which is reported to slow down weight loss. What’s more, part of the protein in milk generates a significant insulin response, which can have the same effect. Th…

Include Oats in your diet for a speedy weight loss

Planning to loose those extra kilos?

Apart form a regular dose of exercise few changes in diet are required to achieve that. Including Oats in breakfast can prove to be a good option. It is the healthiest food that you can ever eat and it is now becoming one of the most common ingredients that people use to prepare their breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Apart from being light on calorie meter, there are several health benefits which has made Oats a famous option in many households. Oats help in controlling blood pressure, reducing cholesterol, reducing weight, reduces the risk of heart diseases as well as Type 2 diabetes and boosts immune system.

This nice recipe can prove to be a good encouragement:

a)Lemon Oats
If you want to prepare a spicy, tasty and healthy Indian oats recipe, then lemon oats is a very good option.
Ingredients:Oats – ½ a cup
Water- 1 cup
Turmeric Powder -1/4 tsp
Lemon Juice 1 to 1 ½ tbsp
Salt to Taste
Tempering Ingredients:Olive oil – 1 ½ tbsp
Mustard Seeds – ½ tsp
Green Ch…