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Some Great Ways to Stay Fit During the Holidays

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With the holiday season on the way, the parties are sure to come along. This means there will be a lot of time you will be spending away from the gym. Actually, holidays can be much more fun and a lot less lonely to make the workout a lot beneficial.
Build a Smart Training Schedule
It is always advised to structure your training so you can take proper rest on the days when you wish to spend time with friends and family. This is a great way by which you do not have to forgo any gym sessions when you have visitors at your door.
Stagger Your Calories
When going for a holiday, it is best to stagger your entire calorie intake as a few days prior to a family gathering, lower your calorie intake as you know there will be a lot of things to eat. Eating in an appropriate manner that includes a schedule of planned low and high-calorie days can work to your fat-burning advantage.
Increase Training Intensity
In case you are already on a high-intensity program, this is the perfect t…

The Best Cardio Machines for a Complete Body Workout

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Cardio is not really fun until you are one of those enthusiasts who just love working out, and most actually struggle to get through the few minutes of running. However the reality is, one may spend a lot less time and burn a lot more calories. Here are some great options for people.
The treadmill is always the best be as unlike some of the other cardio equipment, the machine allows people to move the way their body is meant to move. Moreover, it is super easy to use as it gets started with the press of a button and can be adjust for speed or grade.
Stair Mill
Every fitness freak loves the stair mill as it is a great way to keep walking up a never-ending flight of stairs. For best results, it is suggested to take proper intervals during the workout and not to support too much of the upper body on the handles. This way, your workout will be much less intense and you will easily burn more calories.
Rowing Machine
Rowing machine is no doubt one of the most effecti…

The Ultimate Pairing of Kettlebells and Bodyweight

Competition Kettlebells
The best way to develop real inner strength is perfect kettlebell training. Kettlebells offer a very unique type of training using dynamic moves which generally target almost every aspect of the fitness including endurance, strength, balance, agility and cardio. The sole reason that people just love this kind of workout is because it's challenging, efficient and just requires one piece of equipment perform the entire exercise.
Single-Leg Deadlift
Believe it, this is the most sought after and favourite kettlebell exercise throughout the world. It is no doubt a great workout that plays a great role in strengthening the hamstrings, glutes, and back. Moreover, it is a great exercise for both athletic power and back safety. The exercise even teaches the individual valuable skill of overcoming overall tension and staying tight.
The Swing
The first kettlebell exercise that people must start doing with the help of drills to help them perform a proper hip hinge is the sw…