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Tips for Better Workouts with Power Racks

Power rack is beautiful gym equipment, which if used properly for exercises can yield great results. Gym goers use it like empty power curls, or hanging gym bags or as dumbbell laterals. Bodybuilders use it as a serious tool and it can take you much further if your workout becomes stagnant in bench press, deadlift or squats and contribute to developing of more muscles. Here, we look at some lifting problems which can be helped by power rack solutions:

Exercise - Bench Press: One can experience locking out which is a frequent dilemma during bench press. Partials power rack can work wonders. It is called partials because, the work out involves a partial range of motion. This not only benefits by increasing the overall health but it also gives the exerciser more power to overcome the weaker part of the lift, for example the last few inches of bench press.

Exercise – Squat: For one who is a beginner in exercising squats is faced by the dilemma off getting out of the hole or the bottom portion of the rep. Power rack gives you the option of reverse squat. This motion helps you to train your body sans the built up of elastic energy related to the negative portion of a rep. You can see marked improvement in your exercise regime of squats as there will be an increase in starting strength which is combined with the elastic energy of standard squat. This in turn will manifest physically in stronger, thicker and sturdier legs.

Exercise – Deadlift: This can pose problem called the sticking point. An isometric training with power rack can solve this issue. Did you know that it is a possibility to produce more force and energy with an isometric muscle movement as compared to a positive or negative muscle movement? Muscle action or muscle movement is a motion in which the muscle contracts without moving. Thus, isometric training aids in production of significant size and strength. This angle specific training ensures that strength gains are realized at specific angles. Thus it is necessary that the height of the safety bars is consistently changed in order to derive a full range gain in increasing of strength.

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